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The Villainess Wants to Be a Sidekick (One-Shot)

Cadastrado: 19/01/2024

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Ano de publicação: 2019


Why do they keep killing him off? What did he ever do wrong? A fan of the otome dating game <Arlandast Saga> finds that her ultimate bias, Lumins, ends up dead in every route but one. After completing all routes of the game, a mysterious voice asks for her wish. Furious and choked up, she shouts to save her ultimate bias and to give him a happy life. <Your wish has been received.> Waking up as Senephin, the villianess who harrasses the main character, she enjoys her dream where she could talk to Lumins, alive and well. That is, until, ‘Senephin’ realizes that her new...

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