Capa de Jinbe



Cadastrado: 19/01/2024

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Tipo: Manga

Ano de publicação: 1992


Jinbe is a very subtle and soft tale by Adachi, and certainly it'a story that deals a theme a bit more conflicting than most of his other works. At first sight, Jinbe is the story of a young 17 years old girl, Miku Takanashi, who lives alone with her step father Jinpei Takanashi (nicknamed Jinbe or shark). Jinbe has been living with Miku since his marriage 4 years ago, and considers Miku a God's sent gift from his high school sweet heart late wife. While Jinpei does his best as an over protective and jealous father, we have that Miku holds feelings for Jinbe which are much stronger than...

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