Capa de Okamoto Lynn Short Story Collection - Flip Flap


Okamoto Lynn Short Story Collection - Flip Flap

Cadastrado: 19/01/2024

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Tipo: Manga

Ano de publicação: 2008


A collection of short stories including: - Kimi to Toukan / Exchange with You Murakami likes her mysterious classmate Mako Fujisaki, but she never talk to anyone. He says he has seen her naked and transformed into a raven, but noboby believes him. Murakami decides to confront her to tell him he is not lying but Fujisaki just answers him that he will die if he rides his bycicle. He don't believe her words but soon he realizes Fujisaki's words were true. What will happen to Murakami and who is this misterious girl really? - Allumage Kumiko left Japan for LA in hopes of becoming a famous actress,...

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